NTS: his promises don’t mean shit bc he doesn’t care as much about you as you do him, you’re no longer a priority to him, as if I Ever was. Stop wanting him to text you, care about you, love you because He won’t, he’s too wrapped up in his own world to give anything to you. I mean yes of course he cares* about you as a friend and your general well being but not enough to take time out of his day to talk to you and ask you how you’re doing. He doesn’t care that much about you anymore - time to get over him. And fuck does this longing and wanting hurt so much it feels like a deep pit has nested itself into my chest cavity. I miss him but I need to realize that he cannot provide the mental and emotional support I need from him right now, time to take some time for myself right now and not give in to the physical pleasure sides of what we have…


There needs to be a code word or something that means “my brain is fighting me every step of the way today and I feel like I’m going to vibrate out of my skin, so I need you to forgive everything and go slowly and speak softly and lower your expectations.” And then we could all just be like, “I know I said we could go to a movie tonight but… tangerines.” And the other person would nod and squeeze your elbow or rub your head and you wouldn’t feel like a failure.

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My dad made a huge mistake by buying a key lime pie…. In 5 days I’ve eaten half the pie myself… I’ve only done a bit of yoga last night bc I’ve been feeling awful/sick and I have a fever today :(


I was experimenting with different ways to really visualize the actual scoring potential of our top AA’ers so! I made a few graphs following all their AA performance from the past two seasons.  WHO DOESN’T LOVE CHARTS!!!!!  Apologies if I missed any, these are the ones I had recorded.  intentionally left out were those that I couldn’t find apparatus-by-apparatus results for, like 2013 Romanian Nationals and a couple 2013 domestic Chinese competitions all of which would’ve been super helpful to see relative to Antwerp.  Boooooo, everyone be as good as the US at having this info easily accessible in the future, thanks.  D-scores noted only where they were given officially with the results.

Didn’t do Shang Chunsong since these took some time and she was still vaulting a FTY last week so tbh I’d say that counts her out of the podium race.  If she shows up at Qual’s with a DTY, I…won’t actually regret not doing one for her?  I hope she does just to make things exciting??

Some Observations:

  • Was part of my motivation for this to see how much of a freaky cyborg Ross looked like on paper?  Maybe.  Her lines are relatively straight, minus some domestic inflation and a couple mistakes.  
  • Doing this made me pretty convinced it’ll be 1. Biles, 2. Mustafina, 3. Iordache.  Biles, duh.  Looking at this, it’s definitely clear Mustafina and Iordache are working to up their problem apparatuses (with hiccups, but still.  look at Iordache breaking 14 three times on bars this year!), while Yao just hasn’t done the same for floor. I’d never discount Ross doing her Robot Ross thing and outconsistenting everyone to that silver or bronze, tho. 
  • Biles’ straight-ass vault line all the way up in the stratosphere makes me so happy.
  • Missing from this is the fact that Mustafina’s highest beam score in Antwerp was in event finals (14.9, almost a point higher than her other two sets) and her most recent beam score is actually the 15.567 she scored in the Russian Cup EFs — again, almost a point higher than her beam in the AA.  Obvs, it’d be great for her if she could pull that out a couple days early this time around.
  • Did you know that Iordache’s sole hit beam set in Antwerp gleaned the 2nd highest E score on beam from the entire competition? An 8.866. Gym fandom can be a little down on her form, but judges undeniably love her on beam, as was evidenced by the Great Zeng v Iordache Doha E Score Debate of 2013.  I don’t think she’ll quite get up to the 7.2 routine she debuted at Romanian Nationals but an upper 6’s d-score + upper 8’s e-score = the kind of big score that will be gamechanging for her, imo.  Generally she may be the one who has upped the difficulty of her program the most, if she gets close to her 5.8/6.2/7.2/6.5 potential.
  • Predictions, for funBiles will just squeak past 61.  Mustafina and Iordache will both break 60.  (That’s pretty optimistic, but I’m feeling an upward trajectory for them.) Ross will continue to hover around 59 while Yao lands in the upper 58’s.  Typing those sentences made me feel like a weatherman.  Anyways, someone’s gonna fall and mess that up but I would rather they not, so.  Let’s live in magical splatless hypotheticals a little longer.

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fav combo ever. Catalina Ponor 2006. Gold medal obv.Onodi, free walkover, full twisting Omelianchik, back handspring step out, layout.


fav combo ever. Catalina Ponor 2006. Gold medal obv.
Onodi, free walkover, full twisting Omelianchik, back handspring step out, layout.

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